WEA & NEA Member Benefits

WWVEA Free Investment & Retirement Planning

*After viewing website, contact Sean & Seth below
  • Compton Financial Group Financial Advising
  • Sean & Seth Compton, CFP
  • Phone: 509-567-2122 / Email: info@comptonfg.com
  • 602 North Colorado Street Suite 130 Kennewick, WA 99336
  • Seminars in WW & CP + Free Individual Consulting for WWVEA members

WWVEA Free Student Loan Forgiveness Support

*After viewing website, contact Matt below
  • Horace Mann Student Loan Support
  • Matthew Cecil / Agent of the Horace Mann Educators Corporation
  • Phone: (541) 720-4223 / Email: Matthew.Cecil@horacemann.com
  • Seminars in WW & CP + Free Individual Consulting for WWVEA Members

WEA Member Benefits

NEA Everyday Savings

Member vs. Non-Member Benefits

Our members are part of a team of educators who look out for each other and share the costs of negotiating for support, benefits, and competitive wages.

Non-members, who comprise less than 5% of our staff, receive contractual benefits without paying their fair share -- leaving their colleagues to pay for them.

There are, however, many benefits that only dues-paying members get.  Check it out!